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For more than six decades, the Punua family has passionately shared their Hawaiian culture through the captivating art of song and dance.

It all began in 1961 at the Kauai Surf Hotel, nestled along the scenic Kalapaki Bay, where they showcased traditional Polynesian and Hawaiian dances, thoughtfully curated by Victor and Ku’ulei Punua, with their talented children taking center stage.

Today, this cherished tradition lives on through the remarkable talents of their son Wallis and his wife Shana, who lead an award-winning Polynesian dance company.

They continue to mesmerize audiences, including thousands of visitors and some of the world’s most prominent celebrities.


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Now Offering Island Tours:



The dedication to sharing their vibrant Hawaiian culture continues. The Punua family extends a warm invitation to embark on guided tours through the breathtaking Garden Isle of Kaua’i, the oldest island in the Hawaiian Kingdom. They unfold the island’s history, revealing cherished artifacts and hidden gems right from their own backyard, ensuring you’re welcomed as one of their own. Join us on this enriching journey to experience our sacred island through the eyes of locals.



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